A new production building for N-and Italia

Our business has been growing year after year despite the recent difficulties thanks to our fantastic customers and employees. We have already received many orders for 2022 and, with an expected double-digit growth we had to equip the business with more production floor space.

Last month we purchased, in a single cash transaction, a new production building for our Italian manufacturing plant.

Our new premises are strategically situated to service our clients in Europe and worldwide, whilst ensuring some extra floor space is left for our future expansion plans.

With the global material shortage and outrageous shipping prices, we have made the commitment to relocate key operations currently performed by suppliers in China in Italy. 

Some major installations will take place in the next few months, including two new assembly lines and an ISO8 Clean Room. This will increase our flexibility and, with our new modular design, will allow us to meet customers’ requirements with a fast time to market. 

We look forward to inviting customers, employees, and friends to visit our new premises as soon as major works are completed.


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