What we do

Engineering experiences

We specialize in the design, development and manufacturing of touchscreens, human machine interfaces and software platforms to revolutionize the way human-machine interaction works. We put all our efforts into the creation of outstanding products to bridge gaps of unsatisfied demands in the market leading to new revenue streams for business while maximizing efficiency.

Serving many kinds of industries

Our products fit a wide variety of industries and applications:


Our touchscreens are the perfect interactive solution to build and extend customer engagement over time, for a flowless user experience and a continuously enhanced long-lasting relationship with brands. Robust and reliable, they combine solidity with sensitiveness, responding faultlessly to the requirements and stress of public use.



N-touch HMI devices can help you stand out in the highly competitive retail market, coupling aesthetics with performance, responsiveness with image quality for an enhanced and captivating user experience. The elegant and sleek design make them an appealing client- facing solution for stores, point of sales, kiosk and self-service checkouts, while the powerful CPU boards featuring Intel® processors guarantee top-notch performance and moderate power consumption.


Touchscreens and human machine interfaces are increasingly being adopted by the industrial sector, requiring an upgrade of characteristics towards longevity and robustness. Thanks to rugged features such as Gorilla Glass™ or Tempered Safety Glass, our products are synonym of robustness, modernity and efficiency, demonstrating an improved resistance to shocks and compliant to the health and safety regulations.

N-and product’s reliability and durability are essential features in mass production environments where downtimes can cause major disruption to businesses.


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Lean Manufacturing

Continous improvement thinking is hardwired to our company.

Our production sites apply Lean Manufacturing principles with
the goal to add value to the customers

  • Quality improvement
  • Lead Time reduction
  • Maximise productivity

Techniques used to document, analyze and improve efficiencies and remove waste:

  • Value stream mapping
  • Visual performance board
  • Problem solving and root cause analysis