N-and adopt Salesforce

N-and serve a wide range of businesses and use different strategies to drive engagement with customers (B2B) and consumers (B2C).

In today’s world, understanding the customer is crucial. We strive to understand our customers and their needs.

We have always been a customer-centred company. As the business is growing at a fast pace, engaging the customer in the most effective way is becoming more and more complex.

Our team have recognized the need for a CRM system to translate customers’ insights into meaningful actions. We have decided to take on a multi-year journey to elevate our systems, focusing on delivering a better service and a unique experience for customers and consumers.

N-and have identified Salesforce as the best partner to join us in this journey to improve our customer-facing approach.We strongly believe Salesforce is way ahead of its competitors in every respect.

Salesforce will streamline account planning and management processes, allowing our team to track and analyse sales funnel performance, focus on the highest-value activities for our customers, and drive cross-selling or upselling strategies.

Moreover, the process for managing marketing campaigns will be simplified, from consumer segmentation to defining and sending communications. The system can also manage campaigns and journeys across multiple channels, including email, SMS, and direct mail, consolidating three services into one place. 

This is a real transformation, and we will roll out the Salesforce service to everyone in the organisation.

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