N-and Group recognized as Best Specialist Engineering Product Design Firm 2020 in the UK

Bristol, 24 December 2020 – We are proud to announce that we have been awarded with a Corporate Excellence Award by Corporate Vision.

The Corporate Excellence Awards are held annually and are designed to celebrate leading professionals and organizations who have gone above and beyond to innovate and maintain leadership in their industry, succeeding in their endeavours, growing and improving.

“It is with a continuous effort of questioning our views and knowledge that we bring unique products to the market and value to our customers. The commitment to deliver innovative technologies is truly ingrained in our company culture”, says Tarcisio Vergani, President and CEO of N-and Group. “We are thrilled and honoured to be recognized as Best Specialist Engineering Product Design Firm in UK. This is an additional proof of our Team’s ability to challenge themselves and the status quo”.

N-and Group, an aspirational organisation on a mission to be seen as a leading innovator, have been selected for their unceasing effort in the creation of unique experiences based around human-machine interaction. Their customer-centric solutions are developed to enhance consumer experience, bringing value to businesses and designed in an ethical and sustainable way.

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