N-and launches “disASSEMBLE”, an initiative against discrimination at work

This year has brought significant and exciting changes to N-and: new premises for N-and Italia, three company acquisitions and the onboarding of new resources to support our growth.

Our extended team mindset, willingness to get involved and cultural diversity have proven to be key assets to support the evolution of our business; not only to drive innovation and thrive as a team, but above all, as human beings.

With changes also come opportunities to improve, learn and do better.

As part of our DEI pledge (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), N-and launches disASSEMBLE, an initiative aiming to break down barriers around different able people in the workplace.

The initiative grants access to work to people with disabilities, welcoming them in the team, involving and supporting them in achieving their potential.

One of the ways we are putting the initiative into practise, is assigning people joining our production team in Italy, to the assembly of one of our flagship products, the VMPLink.

After the onboarding period, where they will be trained and supervised by one of our Production Line Operators, they will take the lead and work on different tasks they will be assigned.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), over 1 billion People worldwide experience some form of disability and their employment rate is well below an acceptable rate. In UK, around half of disabled people aged 16 to 64 years (53.5%) were in employment during 2021 (source Census 2021). In Italy this percentage is lower.

In our own small way, we want to make a change. With disASSEMBLE, N-and aims at overcoming common misperceptions, stereotypes, and unconscious biases around disability in the workplace.

We are proud to add this milestone to our Corporate Social Responsibility journey and to be in the frontline of the fight against discriminations at work.


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