Venpay Insight merges with VendAware

Venpay Insight changes look and merges with VendAwareTM business intelligence platform, developed by N-and.

Two data management systems merged to provide N-and’s customers with a single point of access and analysis of data collected from IOT connected devices.

VendAwareTM has been introduced to the market for the first time at Venditalia 2022.  VendAwareTM is an innovative tool that enables a holistic approach to data analysis by combining device performance to generate revenue, predictive maintenance, and the recognition of behavioural patterns in user interactions, including spending habits, purchasing patterns and preferred forms of payment.

Beside data analysis, VendAwareTM includes a simple CMS for managing your content remotely in real time, facilitating opportunities like marketing campaigns, local info boards and promotions, all of which are monitored and controlled by a unique dashboard with reporting features.

The platform is constantly evolving, and amazing features will be soon added to enrich our offering. Among those, a UI themes Tool and self-optimising UIs powered by artificial intelligence.

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