Social Responsibility

Our commitment

At N-and Group we have defined and implemented a clear path to shape a better future through technological innovation, ethical business practices and cooperation with stakeholders, clients, partners and communities.

We believe that every individual, as well as every business, is accountable for their impact on the world we live in and should contribute to a positive footprint – socially, economically, environmentally.

As a company, we are intrinsically connected to the consumers we serve, the people we employ and the communities in which we operate. We therefore understand and embrace the fact that ourlongevity, success and long-terms returns are linked to the benefits that we can bring to the ecosystem surrounding us.

Main Focus Areas

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to removing barriers by promoting a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging, in which everyone feels appreciated and supported in the fulfilment of their potential.

Putting people first create a safe environment that ensures equitable access and opportunities for all, incorporating new voices and different perspectives into the business strategy towards the achievement of organisational goals.

If on one hand diversity and inclusion are deeply ingrained in our corporate values, on the other hand they are also proved to be effective principle to boost performance, which our clients can benefit from. In fact, studies show that more diverse teams perform better, and companies that have a more inclusive environment experience lower staff turnover, have higher internal morale, and higher productivity rates from their employees.

7 Nationalities working together
9 Languages spoken in the Group


N-and Group is a young engineering company with a green heart.

Since our inception in 2015, we have proved that digital technology and environmental sustainability, very often perceived as mutually exclusive can, on the contrary, reinforce one other.

Our sustainability journey is an ongoing commitment that we have taken to reduce our ecological and environmental operational footprint. In order to achieve this goal, we have implemented circular economy processes and principles in our business model, integrated materials with a high recyclability rate compared to ferrous metals generally used in the industry and removed unnecessary chemicals from the manufacturing process whenever possible.

N-and Group's sustainability journey

The choice of recycled aluminium for touchscreen chassis and frames

Community Giving

As per our commitment statement, N-and Group aim to give back to the community and help people becoming a better version of themselves.

Thinking about the future, we are particularly sensitive to children and their emotional and physical wellbeing. That’s why we have chosen to support two non-profit organizations across countries where N-and Group has established a local presence.

Through these charities we can help kids and young people to overcome health challenges they may face.

Many of N-and Group team members are also personally involved in volunteering activities and we are very proud of them and the support they provide!

At N-and Group, we are committed to standard of excellence in every aspect of our business, from ethical and responsible conduct in all of our operations, to the respect of the rights of all individuals and the environment. We expect our network of suppliers and partners to share these same values and comply with our principles and policies with the same determination as we do. Standards suppliers must comply with, cover many areas of business including the fight to child labour, any forms of slavery and human trafficking , bribery, money laundering and unfair trade practices.